The Science Is Clear! Dems Silence Hydroxychloroquine Support To Stack Election Results

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The ridiculous assault on hydroxychloroquine by the media and the political left just needs to end. The research on the drug, related specifically to SARS CoV-1, is over a decade old and was performed by our own National Institutes of Health (NIH). The fact that practicing physicians are being censored for advocating the use of the medication on an outpatient basis and prophylactically is patently insane.

The fact that Donald Trump Jr. had his Twitter account locked for sharing the video of licensed doctors making their case for its use is just nuts. For social media platforms that insist people follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO)., they must have missed this statement:

Nothing from the WHO or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled out the use of the drug to prevent COVID-19 or treat it in the outpatient setting. The trials mentioned in the tweet were for late-stage disease and often utilized exceptionally high doses with the potential for toxicity. The FDA eliminated compassionate use for late-stage COVID-19. It has not made a determination on outpatient use and there are 243 ongoing trials globally according to the NIH.

The studies referenced by the WHO in the tweet above are the same ones criticized by the members of America’s Frontline Doctors, who gave the press conference yesterday. The video went viral and the censors are out in force, despite their statements not violating current WHO guidance. They are real doctors with real licenses and real practices. You may check them out yourself. – READ MORE

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