Seattle Police Discover ANTIFA Van Filled With Terror Style Weapons And IED’s!

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During the riots in Seattle over the weekend, police confiscated a van full of weapons, improvised explosives, and body armor after it had been abandoned:

Below are photos of the items that Seattle police showed during a press conference yesterday:

Here’s more from Capitol Hill Seattle:

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) said Wednesday that it found fireworks, improvised spike strips, nails, and bear mace in an impounded car parked near the department’s East Precinct during Saturday protests that the SPD declared a riot.

Police say they saw a van following protesters on 12th Ave Saturday afternoon, which was later abandoned in front of the precinct. Concerned that there could be explosives in the vehicle after a witness reported seeing baseball bats and pyrotechnics being distributed from the van, it was impounded and police were granted a search warrant on Tuesday.

SPD’s James Lee said Wednesday that combining nails and fireworks amounts to an improvised explosive device that “will and can be a deadly weapon.”

“Not everyone that comes to these protests is peaceful,” SPD Chief Carmen Best said in a news conference Wednesday. “Peaceful protesters do not show up with a van full of bear spray, stun guns, spike strips, and explosives.”

The investigation into the vehicle is ongoing and Best said no arrest had been made.

I would go so far as to say the word ‘riot’ doesn’t really encompass what’s going on here in cities like Seattle and Portland. What we have is domestic terrorism aimed primarily at law enforcement and these cities need to shut it down now. Bring in the National Guard with their guns and the authority to use them to defend themselves from attackers and I guarantee you this problem will literally vanish.


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