Liberal Idiots File Complaint On ‘Racist’ Business Flying Confederate Flag…Except It’s The WRONG FLAG!

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A couple in St. John’s, Michigan recently took down the red, white and blue flag of Norway displayed on the porch of their bed and breakfast after receiving continuous complaints by ignorant liberals who accused the couple of flying the Confederate battle flag.

The Nordic Pineapple, run out of a mansion built in 1861 by a Union general, was started two years ago by Greg and Kjersten Offenbecker. The couple flew the flag of Norway from a pillar opposite the American flag to honor Kjersten’s Norwegian heritage (her grandfather immigrated from Norway.) Both the U.S. and Norway flags were taken down last week by the frustrated couple as the complaints intensified in recent months as woke liberals have embarked on a campaign of violence and intimidation against public reminders of the Confederacy, even razing tombstones of soldiers.

An ironic twist in the story is that the couple adopted two black children, boys aged 12 and 15. The couple told the Lansing State Journal that racism has not been an issue for the boys since moving to the small conservative town – READ MORE

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