Rioters Blocking Highway Attempt To Murder People In Car As They Drive By, Instead They Shoot Other Rioters!

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It’s not surprising that someone dumb enough to walk on a highway where multi-ton vehicles drive at 65+ miles-per-hour would accidentally shoot several of their own while firing a gun haphazardly at those vehicles as they drive by.

This is exactly what happened, however, on I-225 in Aurora, Colorado.

At least two protesters were hit or grazed by bullets as a fellow “protester” tried to shoot the driver. There were multiple gunshots directed at the car, but the people inside did not appear to be injured.

“While the protestors were walking on I-225, a vehicle decided to drive through the crowd. A protestor decided to fire off a weapon, striking at least 1 other protester. They were transported to the hospital in stable condition,” the Aurora Police Department tweeted.

There was a family in the car and they were approached by an armed protester.

n a follow up, the department wrote that “Someone else showed up to the hospital with a graze wound. The vehicle was towed and we are investigating that incident.”

On Monday police arrested protester Samuel Young.

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