WATCH: Portland Rioters Barricade Courthouse And Attempt To Burn It Down With Federal Agents Inside

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The protests in Portland continue to be peaceful. The newest peaceful action involved attempted murder of several federal officers.

The Antifa mob outside a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon barricaded the doors and tried to set the building on fire while federal agents were trapped inside.

Here’s more:

NY POST – Portland protesters barricaded federal officers inside a courthouse — and tried to set the building on fire — as the two groups clashed again Tuesday night into Wednesday.

As hundreds chanted “Black lives matter” and “Feds go home,” a team of protesters propped several wood beams and sand bags against a door to the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, according to tweets from Clypian, an online news outlet run by South Salem High School students.

Videos posted by the Clypian throughout the night show protesters yanking off plywood covering another entrance and the feds launching tear gas and pepper bombs at the crowds. At one point, someone tosses a firework at the officers, which explodes at their feet.

Another video showed the plywood facade of the courthouse — which has been routinely attacked as the feds stand guard inside — on fire, prompting a stream of officers to pour out.

Protests have been raging in Portland for more than 50 days — but tensions between demonstrators and police have escalated in recent days following President Trump’s deployment of federal officers to the city.

A total of 114 federal officers were sent to the West Coast city, including from the Federal Protective Service, Immigration Customs Enforcement, US Customs and Border Protection and the US Marshals Service, USA Today reported, citing documents filed on Tuesday.

I’d say Trump needs to send even more federal officers there. This lawlessness needs to stop.

There is video of anarchists trying to set the courthouse on fire, but what is interesting about it is that some of them are against it and are trying to stop the others, for the sake of the movement:

Here’s the video the Post referred to of the firecracker going off at an officer’s feet:

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