WATCH: Democrat Congressman Actually DEFENDS China For Hiding Wuhan Outbreak Then BLAMES Trump For Not Stopping It

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It seems to be the most serious virus floating around right now isn’t the Wuhan Virus, rather the Trump Derangement Syndrome virus. And, from our calculations, it has a 100 percent infection rate among Democrats.

Congressman Adam Smith of Washington State this week was arguing against protecting America from Chinese hackers and, to put some icing on that perverse cake, took a minute out to say that, hey give China a break for hiding the dangers of the disease they unleashed that has killed over 100,000 Americans. After all: Trump.

“One of the gentlemen’s arguments was that China hid the true risk of the virus from the American people. And yes that is terrible that China did that, it’s not actually their job to warn the American people. It’s the president’s job to warn the American people.”

You might think, hey Fred, that’s not so much defending as it is excusing, but I would reply “no, listen, wrong person, excusing them IS defending them. This ain’t tiddlywinks.”

You can tell from the delivery this guy thought he was being super bada** for saying “forget China, what about TRUMP” but it fell totally flat. He ended up looking not like a bada** but more like a jackass.

Which he is. Man, the name Adam Smith has really come down a few notches over the last couple hundred years, hasn’t it?

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