‘Peaceful’ Protest Turns INSANELY VIOLENT, 18 Chicago Police Injured As Leftist Terrorists Swarm Columbus Statue

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Eighteen officers were injured during rioting at Columbus statue in Grant’s Park overnight.

According to that report 14 protesters arrested by police and another 4 protesters were hurt. You may be wondering how 18 officers were hurt – check out this insane video showing the entire crowd throwing projectiles at the police:

At the end someone throws a lit firework at them that goes off on the ground. When that many people are trying to assault and injure the police, I don’t see why people are upset that they use force against them. If you stay in that mob while it’s acting that way, you’re tacitly approving of the assault on the police. And if the police back down, it’s giving in to mob rule.

Here’s another video showing the insane melee:

It’s weird how some of the news videos don’t show the attacks on the police. Very weird…


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