Charles Barkley Scalds Black Athletes And Celebs Who Foster Anti-Semitism

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Charles Barkley doesn’t crush anybody in this video, he just appeals to reason and common sense when asking black athletes and celebrities how it helps their community to make racist comments against the Jews:

Pretty powerful point. There is definitely a tribalist instinct to believe that in order for your group to do better, all you have to do is beat down every other group. The genius of America is that our system allows all groups to improve and benefit by participating in the free market system. It’s not always fair, but it’s the best system we have.

There really is a Charles Barkley pendulum. He swings and says something really sensible and full of common sense, and we applaud, then he swings the other way and says the dumbest, lamest of left-wing points and then we boo and jeer. But on this point at least, he’s dead-on correct. Quit swinging, Chuck!


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