WATCH: Black Anti-Trump Agitator Left Stunned And Silent When Confronted With A Black Trump Supporter

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a black man wearing a “Fuck Donald Trump” shirt was filmed as he hurled expletives at a large group of Trump supporters waiting in line to attend the President’s rally. The confrontation, however, took a turn when he was called out by black man who happened to be a Trump supporter.

The agitator was left stunned and silent. He then jumps in his car and speeds away while yelling “faggot” at the black Trump supporter.

The black Trump supporter is asked after his confrontation with the liberal instigator, “With everything that we’re seeing going on in Minneapolis. I mean, with the police defunding and all of that. How how does that affect the community there?”

Click below to watch the full interaction and the wonderful interview afterward:

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