WATCH: Crowd Cheers As Criminal Assaults Cop With Choke Hold In NYC — Mayor de Blasio’s War On Police Continues

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New York City is falling apart. Crime is skyrocketing. There were 15 shootings in a 15 hour period this weekend alone. Murder and shootings are soaring this year compared to last year.

Yet, instead of fighting crime, NYC’s crooked Mayor is fighting a war against the very police whose job it is to protect the city from these criminals.

Bill De Blasio and his city officials just voted to cut the police budget by one billion dollars or around the same amount of cash that Bill De Blasio’s wife lost in one of her special projects.

This is the same woman who said a police-free New York City would be like a utopia.

And now the attacks on police in New York City are escalating.

One officer was put in a choke hold this weekend while locals stood around and cheered!

There is a total break down of law and order under communist De Blasio.

The police union blame this all on Mayor De Blasio.

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