WATCH: Older Black Activist VERBALLY WHOOPS BLM Youth Attacking Lincoln Statue

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This is amazing. You already knew about the Lincoln statue in danger on campus in Wisconsin. Well on Friday, protesters converged on the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C., bent on bashing Lincoln there, too.

“We are gonna tear that mother****er down!” yelled an activist with microphone. But what he wasn’t expecting was to get pushback over megaphone from another person. A black man.

Don Folden, a tour guide in D.C., gave a history lesson on the statue that shows Abraham Lincoln freeing a slave.

“A lot of people out here are talking about tearing down something that they don’t even know the history of,” Folden said. “Y’all don’t even know the history of this statue, but you want to tear it down because you are offended.”

He wasn’t alone. Cedric Turner, who said he’s a descendant of the black man depicted in the memorial, stood up to object as well, the Washington Examiner reported.

There were several confrontations, but this clip of a BLM activist losing her freaking MIND at Folden is unbelievable.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec was there and that was a whole lot of shouting, too.


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