Sen. Tim Scott NUKES Racist CNN – Refer To My Name, Not My Color!

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“See black senator’s emotional response to senator’s ‘token’ remark,” said the headline accompanying the video at CNN. That was their way of introducing the emotional and heartfelt comments from Sen. Tim Scott, who happens to be both black and a Republican.

The absolutely stunning irony of using that headline for a response where he is objecting to being marginalized as a “token” is almost beyond words. But that’s what CNN did.

As Ann Althouse says here, you have to see it on the Waybackmachine now, they’ve changed it now that they’ve been caught.

In an email blast this morning, Scott called them out.

Here is a newsflash for CNN— I have a name and it’s Tim Scott, and I also happen to represent over 5 million South Carolinians in the United States Senate.

I have dealt with this my entire life and especially during my time in politics. News outlets like CNN time and time again refuse to use my name when referring to me in article headlines.

The double standard with CNN is stunning. In fact, check out these headlines for Democrat Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

I got the same email. Here’s a screenshot from before the fundraising pitch.

Here’s more:

Could it be that CNN does not want to acknowledge that I am a conservative Republican Senator that is working on reforming our criminal justice system?

Friend, sadly we have come to expect this type of treatment from CNN and others in the media.

They don’t want to hear my story or acknowledge my voice because it does not fit into the narratives they are trying to create.

They don’t want to hear how I was raised in a single parent household in North Charleston by a mother who worked 16-hour days as a nurse to put food on the table and put a roof over our heads.

They don’t want to hear that after almost failing out of high school as a freshman, I found a mentor who taught me about conservative values.

They don’t want to hear my voice which offers a fresh perspective as to how conservative values can unleash opportunity for all Americans.

That’s how it always is. If you’re on the right, you can’t be a “person of color.” But if you are, it’s right bet they’ll try to erase you.

And that fat, dumb, and bald guy who works there under the official job tile of “Guy Who Calls Fox News Racist” won’t have a dang thing to say about it tomorrow, you watch.

Or, honestly, don’t watch, it’s absolute torture. But you take my meaning.


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