Seattle CHAZ Reaches Pinnacle Progressivism, Enforces Segregation

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Seattle’s peaceful ‘summer of love’ zone doesn’t just have shootings every night, but they’ve also got zones where they enforce racial segregation!

If you didn’t catch it, the sign was labeled “BLACK-OUT” and was a zone for blacks only. The sign referred to it as “an all black healing space”. I wonder if they have their own ‘healing’ water fountains too?

The white girl said the spaces is only for blacks, not other minorities, unless of course they have black ancestry. I guess you’d probably have to have your papers to prove that though. Heh.

This just shows how advanced and progressive a society CHAZ has become in just a few days. I’m sure the mayor is so proud!

Exit question: Did you notice the racial segregation was being enforced by white people standing guard?


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