WATCH: D.C. Police Storm In To Protect Andrew Jackson Statue From Angry Mob Outside White House

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Tonight rioters were out in front of the White House trying to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square:

But the Park Police showed up and were having none of it, firing pepper spray balls into the crowd to disperse them:

Reporters were also ordered to leave the White House, no doubt out of concern for their safety:

Here’s more from NBC 10:

Protests became tense Monday evening as police pushed demonstrators away from the statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square.

News4’s Shomari Stone reports some groups were calling to take down the statue and ropes could be seen hanging off of the sculpture of Jackson on a horse.

Police formed a barrier in front of the statue.

Video shows U.S. Park Police spraying some protesters with what appeared to be pepper spray to get them to move back.

Earlier in the evening, four D.C. police officers were hurt while trying to clear tents near Lafayette Square, police said.

A large group of demonstrators set up the tents along the 1400 block of H Street NW and some tents were blocking streets.

Some protesters threw objects at officers while they tried to remove the tents, police said.

Two people were arrested. Police have not identified them or said if they were charged.

The officers’ injuries were not serious, police said.


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