Tim Scott Embarrasses The HELL Out Of Dick Durbin And It’s SOOOO Satisfying!

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Not only is it insulting, but it’s also got to be exhausting for Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) to be constantly subjected to disgusting allegations from Democrats, “woke” left-wing activists, and liberally-biased media figures that Senate Republicans “use” him as a “token” when it comes to talking about racially sensitive issues and/or addressing legislation related to race.

Scott usually handles such derogatory claims with the dignity and grace he’s been known for throughout his time in politics, but he took a bit of a different (and far more satisfying) approach after hearing about what fellow Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said about the police reform bill Republicans unveiled today, a bill which Scott led the way in crafting:

“Subtle” indeed.

Sen. Scott, however, wasn’t so subtle in his response. Scott casually asked Durbin about whether or not Democrats were “still wearing” the African kente cloths many of them wore last week during a photo op moment of silence for George Floyd that was widely criticized by even by other Democrats as shameless pandering to the black community:


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