Liberal Utopia, CHAZ, Has Militant ‘Police’, Border Walls, And Now Requires ID…Way To Be Progressive

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Police report that armed rebels are now requiring ID to get into Seattle’s anarchist utopia, known as CHAZ. The better to keep out the rabble who want an audience with Raz, the new feudal warlord.

When he’s not performing his warlord duties for CHAZ, Raz Simone is a rapper, who is fond of gold chains, Che Guevara berets, “wife-beater” shirts, and his AK-47. Raz, the warlord, isn’t afraid to inflict a needed beatdown of certain live streamers.

CHAZ has turned into a six-block hellscape of cement blocks, orange Jersey barriers, janky signs, garbage, and tents. It’s Occupy, but without the rapes and trickling urine down the street.

Don’t worry, there’s still time.

Raz’s serfs, along with the Black Lives Matter, antifa, and anarchist rabble, have now upped their game. In addition to running protection and extortion rackets, the Black Lives Matter and antifa rabble have taken up arms and begun to require people coming into their six-block CHAZ territory to show identification.

Who says “stop and frisk” isn’t alive and well?

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best says that armed protesters are requiring people to show ID to get inside the encampment. – READ MORE

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