Americans Dismayed When Photos Emerge Showing FBI Agents Take A Knee To Watch Terrorists Loot And Destroy

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How the mighty hath fallen. The FBI used to be the number one law enforcement agency of the face of the Earth. That is no longer true. Under the leadership of Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Christopher Wray, they have become a bad joke on the American people.

Last week, AG Bill Barr said that Antifa and other domestic terrorists had taken over the peaceful demonstrations, but the FBI obviously didn’t get the memo. A group of FBI officials took a knee in subservience to the rioters and the looters and the vandals that badly damaged some of our most precious national monuments.

Former Rep Bob Barr wrote:

“The FBI now has morphed into a pale reflection of its former self — almost a parody. Last week, in a scene I never dreamt I would see, a group of FBI personnel were photographed kneeling before some of the protesters who had wreaked havoc on the streets of our nation’s capital city. The kneelers all wore protective vests with “FBI” emblazoned thereon and were equipped with holstered sidearms.”


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