Feds Seek To Take Out Head Of ANTIFA Terror Organization

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Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf told Fox News on Wednesday night that federal law enforcement officials have opened cases up against leaders of Antifa and other organizations who are believed to be behind violent riots that are plaguing the nation’s inner cities.

When asked by Fox News host Bret Baier who was behind the violent riots, Wolf answered, “I think, overall, what we have seen as far as taking place, sort of boots on the ground in these metropolitan areas, are the groups like Antifa or anarchists in general.”

“And those are the types of people that we see. That’s the intel that we’re getting back, primarily moving these violent protests and these organizations in a certain way. It usually occurs after nightfall. So, during the day, we usually see the nonviolent protests occurring,” Wolf continued. “And then, when it gets to the night, we see the more violent protests starting to happen, criminals starting to take place, organized, loosely organized during the day to achieve a specific goal.” – READ MORE

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