WARZONES: Disturbing Videos Show Aftermath of ‘Peaceful’ Protests In Democrat-Run Cities

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Videos are now surfacing that show the destruction left in the wake of the “peaceful protests” supported by the Left and in cities controlled by Democrats. They are disgusting.

For the past week the left has been protesting, rioting, looting, shooting officers, beating innocents, torching national landmarks across the United States.

This is the fruit of the American left: pain, chaos, suffering, violence, fear and arson.

Their mob violence has spread across the country.
Tonight we want to highlight what liberal Democrat leadership has done to three great American cities.

1.) Minneapolis – War zone of the left

2.) New York City – Under de Blasio — You won’t believe Manahattan this week!
The media won’t show it.

3.) Los Angeles – Total destruction. The military had to stand guard as businesses try to clean up what’s left.

4.) St. Louis – Looks like war zone Afghanistan
This was St. Louis, Missouri on Monday night.

  • 3.4K

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