WATCH: White Protesters Attack Black Police Officer, Hurl Racial Slurs — ‘Get The F*** Out Of Here N****r!’

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A black police officer was surrounded and attacked on Thursday during a George Floyd protest in Austin, Texas.

Austin police and Texas state troopers clashed with protesters outside the Texas Capitol and Austin Police Department headquarters. At one point, the protests escalated, and video appears to show white protesters mobbing and tormenting a black Texas state trooper.

At one point, some protesters circled around a black Texas state trooper in front of the Texas Capitol, as seen in the unverified viral video. A few people attempted to steal a backpack the officer was holding. The protesters, most of which were white, berated and tormented the cop. Racist slurs were hurled at the African American police officer during the protest where many protesters chanted: “Black lives matter!” One person called the cop an “Uncle Tom” as they hounded the state trooper.

At the end of the video you can even hear one protester yell, “get the f**k out of here n**ger”. Of course, it’s completely ok to be racist as long as you’re on the Left.


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