WATCH: Female Rioter Gets A Taste Of Instant Justice —Punches A Cop Twice.. Then Gets KNOCKED OUT By His Partner

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The riots that are unfolding across America are a coordinated attack.

It’s not about Mr. Floyd. That poor man is spinning in his grave as these communist anarchists use his name to destroy this country.

In my opinion, what is happening now is communist Antifa has joined forces with Black Lives Matter and they’re working as one organized unit to wreak havoc and destruction across Democrat cities.

t’s easier to take over liberal-run cities because they know the police will not engage as often or as harshly in “woke cities” like Minneapolis and Atlanta.

However, one female rioter got her lights knocked out in Baltimore after she punched a police officer twice.

These rioters have their marching orders and they’re very emboldened.

You can watch the video below:

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