Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts DECLASSIFIED: Flynn Was Framed…Heads Will Roll!

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The summaries and transcripts of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Dec. 29, 2012 phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was released on Friday, along with transcripts of a few other calls between the two.

The Dec. 29 call was the supposed predicate for going after Flynn and interviewing him.

But as the transcripts show, there was nothing questionable about the call, there was no discussion of lifting or undermining sanctions as was claimed by some, there was nothing said that justified a criminal investigation into Flynn. That call and the subsequent calls involved normal discussion about setting up contacts as the incoming NSA, discussion about the Middle East and the “common enemy” – ISIS in Syria and had a discussion about the expulsions of Russian diplomats.

The reaction from folks on the right was swift and infuriated that this should have resulted in the prosecution of a man with such a decorated career, apparently all in the interests of taking him down and trying to undermine the Trump administration.

Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway claimed it completely exonerated Flynn, that Flynn never talked about sanctions and the primary focus of the call was working together against ISIS. Perhaps that was why Mueller had always held back the transcripts because they would blow apart the claim.

Dan Bongino said it was clear that Flynn had been framed.


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