CNN Reporter Arrested In Democratic City In A Democratic State, But CNN Still Blames Trump

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On Friday morning a CNN reporter and his camera crew were arrested while reporting on the rioting in Minneapolis.

The city of Minneapolis, of course, is Democrat run. The State of Minnesota has a Democrat Governor. The rioters.. again, Democrats. Yet, somehow, according to CNN, it’s all Trump’s fault.

Hate to break it to Bakari but Democrats run that city and they have for a long, long time. It’s one thing to disagree with or even dislike the president, but it’s another thing entirely to be so wrapped up in your hatred and bias that you say really stupid crap on national television.

CNN is gonna CNN, we get it.

Of course, this was a ridiculous show of force against a news crew, when vandals ran wild last night destroying property and burning down buildings.

And the Trump campaign called it “outrageous”, blasting both the mayor and governor saying “Mayor Frey & Gov Walz have completely lost control in Minneapolis in a catastrophic display of failed leadership. The city is on fire & they outrageously arrested a CNN crew.”

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