Liberal Hypocrites Want Complete Lockdowns And Government Dependency, Then Blame Trump For Unemployment!

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I heard this question from a CBS reporter two days ago and it irked me:

For some reason I forgot to post on it and now I’m seeing it again, retweeted by the same CBS reporter who asked the question with the news of this morning’s unemployment, and I’m really irked!

What irked me about it is probably obvious to most of you. Paula Reid is asking Trump why he hasn’t announced a plan to get 36 million unemployed Americans back to work while he’s overseeing historic economic despair, and yet that’s exactly what he’s been doing. It’s called ‘reopening the economy’. You get people back to work by getting the economy back going again so that entrepreneurs and business owners can start creating jobs again. This is really not hard.

Yes it’s going to take a while for the unemployed to work again, but you can see the narrative that this CBS reporter is trying to establish with her biased question, that Trump is to blame for the unemployed continuing to be unemployed, that he doesn’t have a plan (like FDR did) because he’s incompetent or doesn’t care. And of course they’ll try and use this to get him defeated in November.

This is why Trump reacted to her with such disgust, because the question is disgusting. And yet today this self-righteous reporter retweets her question with the new unemployment data, as if to pound it over Trump’s head again. Garbage media!


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