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Nasty Nancy Discredits Potentially Effective Hydroxychloroquine While Shamelessly Insulting President Trump

Nancy Pelosi took a potshot at Trump last night, using the news of him taking hydroxychloroquine to call him ‘morbidly obese’ on CNN:

As Robby Starbuck points out in the tweet, there’s a huge double standard in how CNN just let’s Pelosi get away with saying these things when we all know the reverse would not be true of Trump.

Also, it’s not really true either. Sure, Trump is a little overweight like most of America. But he’s not morbidly obese by any stretch. According to his weight last year he was 243 pounds, which makes him ‘technically obese’. But at his height of 6 foot 3, he’d have to be a lot larger to be considered morbidly obese.

Ben Shapiro noted this morning that there’s an upside to Pelosi’s attack on Trump:


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