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Biden Campaign In CRITICAL Meltdown After Audio Leak Of HIS Quid Pro Quo With Ukrainian President!

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Audio had been released today by the Interfax News Agency of former VP Joe biden congratulating former Ukrainian President Poroshenko on installing a new prosecutor and saying that he’s ready to go ahead with his deal to give Ukraine a guaranteed loan.

I found a better version of Biden and Poroshenko’s call than the interfax version, so listen below. It’s very interesting…

The first thing of note in the video is that Biden congratulates Poroshenko on installing the new prosecutor general, noting that he’ll have to ‘work quickly to repair the damage Shokin did’.

Biden then says “And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new Prosecutor General is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that one billion dollar loan guarantee.” Quid Pro Quo anyone?

Poroshenko then responds telling Biden that it was a tough challenge and a “very difficult job”, noting that a faction of Ukrainian politicians tried to stop the vote on the new prosecutor general. Poroshenko notes that they changed this law in just one day and then says:

By the way, in this law we are presenting the set, the new structure of the General Prosecutor’s office, including the General Inspection as we agreed with you.

So not only did Biden coerce Poroshenko into installing a new prosecutor general by threatening to withhold US aid, it involved changing their law and Biden apparently had a say in the change.

Later in the conversation Poroshenko noted that he appointed the prosecutor general that he and Biden agreed it would be:

The second thing is I want to thank you that you give me your word that immediately when we change the legislation and I appoint the new Prosecutor General, and it would be Yuri Lutsenko as we agreed on our previous meeting in Washington and when it happen, we can have this loan guarantee and thank you very much.

Biden doesn’t just get a new prosecutor general appointed, he had a say in who it would be!

Wow. And the backdrop to all of this is that Biden’s son was making millions off of one of the most corrupt businesses in Ukraine, Burisma, and his father is using the weight of his office as vice president to not only get the prosecutor general fired who was investigating Burisma, but to get the new prosecutor general that he wanted AND to get the legislative changes he wanted to the Ukrainian law that governs the prosecutor general. Unbelievable.


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