CNN Reporter Who Attacked President For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Busted Not Wearing A Mask!

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It’s almost like all these reporters wearing masks while not being within 10 feet of anyone are just virtue signaling to push a partisan narratives. Crazy thought, right?

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins, who has tried to make a name for herself by getting into confrontations throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic (see Dr. Birx Takes CNN Reporter Apart After Attempted Gotcha Question), was caught red-handed yesterday. As the press briefing ended and the cameras were assumed off, the “journalist” jumped out of her seat and ripped her mask off, even as she immediately walked closer to her colleagues.

If you can’t see the video, you see a pause of about 10-15 seconds in which everyone waits for the cameras to go off. Except, in this case, they didn’t go off. We then see Collins stand up and walk to the right, ripping her mask off and laughing as she approaches other reporters.

What’s really hilarious here is that Collins has made several public comments, as well as authored articles chastising the President for not wearing a mask, even when it logically made no sense to do so. In fact, just yesterday she used her time at the President’s presser to scold Trump and his officials for not wearing masks at an outdoor briefing in which no one stood near each other.

In the end, her ripping the mask off isn’t the issue here. Taking a mask off or not wearing one in the first place when it makes sense is not a bad thing. The issue here is the rank hypocrisy and the fact that these reporters are obviously just playing for the cameras. There’s a reason Jim Acosta started wearing a mask after weeks of not doing so. He simply wanted to be able to go on air and bash Trump.

The politicization of mask usage has become of the dumbest aspects of this pandemic. We’ve got reporters doing live hits in masks outdoors while their crews are 10 feet away just so they can preen and attack others. But the moment the cameras go off, they drop the act, as we saw here. This isn’t about science. It’s about virtue signaling.

Via RedState

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