BOMBSHELL: AG Barr Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Linking Obama To Spygate

Jesse Watters reported on his show that sources told him AG Barr has a “smoking gun documents” connecting Obama with “spygate” and the Russian investigation. From the Washington Examiner:

Fox News host Jesse Watters said sources are telling him Attorney General William Barr has received “smoking gun” documents that will cast aspersions on the Russia investigation.

In his opening monologue on Watters’ World, which was taped Friday but aired Saturday evening, the host said these records could reveal that former President Barack Obama had a significant role in the investigation into the Trump 2016 campaign’s ties to Russia, which President Trump and his allies have deemed a “witch hunt.”

“Sources are telling Watters’ World that Attorney General Bill Barr was just given a trove of smoking gun documents that could point directly at former President Barack Obama, revealing his powerful connection to ‘Spygate’ and the Russia hoax,” he said.

Watters appeared to be referring to the “satchel” of documents Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry reported that acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell delivered to the Justice Department last week, following the release of House Intelligence Committee witness transcripts showing Obama administration officials admitting they had no direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Now, this is Jesse Watters, he’s no journalist, he’s supposed to be the comedic backup on The Five. But who knows, he definitely could have sources in the administration others don’t. I have been exposed to waaayyy too many promises from QAnon and others that the arrests of Obama and Hillary and all the Democrats are “just around the corner” for the last three years. But we shall have to wait and see…


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