Richard Grenell Masterfully Puts Whiney Adam Schiff In His Corner!

Richard Grenell announced some changes as the acting Director of National Intelligence and Adam lost his Schiff over it:

So look, I’m not gonna pretend that I know whether Congress should have a say in the DNI organizes our national intelligence, but given Schiff’s history of deceit, I’m gonna guess he’s exaggerating at best.

And Grenell didn’t think much of it either:

I could see why some might object given that he’s the “acting” DNI, but this just doesn’t sound like the most horrendous thing in the world. I would definitely entertain arguments on both sides of this issue.

Here are the announcements from Grenell:


So we got a hot tip from a source we cannot reveal that says it may be that Grenell was actually getting rid of people friendly to weaselly Schiff, and that’s why he’s so upset. Not confirmed. Take it with a grain of salt…


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