Leftist Poll Analyst Calls Out Liberal Media For MAJOR LIES About Corona Case Spikes!

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You all know Nate Silver, he’s the media’s favorite poll analyst, and he’s pretty lefty-biased, though much of his analysis can be pretty decent at times. Well even he is calling out the media on their lies about the coronavirus spike:

So, he’s right in this case. We’re seeing a lot of headlines about coronavirus spikes in various states right as they ease up on social distancing. It’s too perfect a story, it’s catnip for the media, right? BUT, there’s another explanation:

You can see a clear correlation. We’re seeing greater virus numbers simply because we’re testing more and seeing more of what’s out there. Now, that doesn’t mean we WON’T see a spike from easing social distancing. Perhaps we will. But it’s dishonest for the media to pretend this is it, or that they know this is it, without discussing the increase in testing…


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