Crying Chuck Schumer Admits That He Is Less Essential Than Your Average Grocery Clerk

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When President Trump labeled Chuck Schumer with the moniker “Crying Chuck” the President was devastatingly spot on. This was clearly demonstrated AGAIN recently when poor Chuck took to his favorite roost in front of a bevy of Microphones and played the victim.

As we all know, victimhood is the glue that holds the Democratic Party together, but that usually involves some uber rich progressive politician trying to convince you that you are a victim of something, be it racism, white supremacy, tokenism, federalism, conservatism, volunteerism, polymorphism or….well you get the idea.

It’s common knowledge that NOBODY (with the exception of perhaps Nancy Pelosi and that wacky group known as the squad) plays the victim card any better than Chuck Schumer, but in all fairness he has had over twenty years in the Senate to perfect his screed. So what has the walking, talking temper tantrum been a victim of lately? Good question, lets see.

First of all there was the absolutely horrendous actions by the despicable Mitch McConnell who dared to FORCE Chuck Schumer to actually WORK! No doubt you are on the verge of clutching your pearls and passing out as you read these words. After all just because Medical Professionals, Gas Station attendants, Grocery Store Clerks, Amazon Employees, Postal Workers, UPS Drivers, Hardware store employees, FedEx Drivers, Truck Drivers in general, A bevy of Fast Food Workers and millions of other everyday Americans have to work in order to feed, cloth and care for America why should Chuck Schumer!! After all, Schumer is IMPORTANT!! That whole representing his constituents thing is all a crock anyway.

Being called into work definitely made the Senate Minority Leader cranky. “Fox News” reported that while reacting to Senator McConnell’s remarks on why he (McConnell) called the Senate back into session, and angry Schumer complained that:

“The Republican leader has called the Senate back into session despite the District of Columbia appearing to be reaching a peak phase,” of the virus, Schumer said. “If we are going to make these fine people come into work on this conditions, the Senate should focus like a laser on COVID-19 … but the majority leader has scheduled no hearings on COVID-19.”

What about the “fine people” at your local Burger King or McDonald’s Chuck? Should they be laser focused on COVID-19, or making burgers? After all your JOB {which is defined as:}

job1/jäb/See definitions: job; plural noun: jobs

1. a paid position of regular employment.”a part-time job” Similar:position of employment

2. a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid.”she wants to be left alone to get on with the job”

Is to LEGISLATE, be it judges, roads, bridges, highways, some impeachment nonsense, infrastructure, COVID-19, or some zillion dollar attempt to buy votes (disguised as COVID-19 relief).

Perhaps (as many have postulated), Chuck is part of a growing group of liberal progressives who want to extend the lock-down of the country as long as possible in order to inflict maximum suffering on America in the forlorn hope that somehow this suffering will cause otherwise intelligent Americans to vote for Democrats in November (provided that the Democrats wet dream plans for mail in voting fail, and that the American people have enough strength left to actually go to the polls)

Schumer was also asked about allegations of sexual misconduct against Democratic hopeful (or hopeless depending upon your political affiliation) Joe Biden. Of course Schumer took the high road, supporting the #MeToo movement and demanding that the allegations against Biden be thoroughly investigated….just kidding, the guy (Schumer) acted like the weasel he is and gave the “Joe’s a great guy, he’d never assault anybody, case closed, lets move on, COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19″ defense of Biden that is becoming a favorite of Liberals everywhere, and which bears a striking resemblance to the “Hunter Biden is a great guy, move on” defense and the new and highly popular “Hey, we tried to overthrow the country, no big deal, move on” defense that is rapidly gaining traction with liberals everywhere.

Schumer also involved himself in the search for a scapegoat answers on COVID-19 by conferring with Dr. Fauci who (for those keeping score at home) has recently performed the rare “Jim Comey” maneuver, going from liberal icon, to reviled by liberals and back to liberal icon!! Never one to shy away from making COVID-19 a political football, Schumer did his best to drag Donald Trump into the fray, as reported by Jim Dougherty of “Business Pac Review

….Schumer claimed that the president was ‘muzzling’ Fauci, which seemed to indicate that the doctor would have much more dire information to relay to the country were it not for the president’s presence in proximity.

“Fauci has a huge amount of respect” in the Senate, the New York Democrat claimed. “And it seems at times he’s muzzled by the president, uh, the president’s always lurking over his shoulder. This is the first time we get to hear him without the president looking over his shoulder, or cutting him off, or cutting the reporter off who asked the question, as he does frequently.

The whole ugly thing is covered by “The Hill” here

Finally in an act that demonstrates a lack of self awareness the size of which the world has never known Schumer puts forth some mumbo jumbo nonsense disguised as legislation called (seriously) “The No Politics in Pandemic Recovery Act” as explained in an article by Connor Perrett appearing in “Business Insider” Perrett explains to us that Schumer:

… plans to introduce “The No Politics in Pandemic Recovery Act” — the “No PR Act” for short — to the next coronavirus stimulus package, according to Politico. If it’s passed, it would prohibit the use of federal money for “any publicity or promotional activity that includes the names, likeness, or signature” of either Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

One can’t help but wonder if this would have been Schumer’s reaction should (God forbid) Chuck’s pal Hillary have won the election and not only sent out 8X10 glossies of herself with each check (along with instructions on how to hang and worship them) coupled with a demand that her husband receive a $5,000,000 speaking fee to explain COVID-19 to the nation. Fortunately we will never know the answer to that question (talk about dodging a bullet!)

But Chuck saved his worst best for his interview with vampire ummm, intrepid journalist Andrea Mitchell. Kyle Drennen, a Senior News Analyst with the Media Research Center and a contributing editor for “Newsbusters” website reported on the interview with Schumer. According to Drennen, Schumer when asked to remark about recent *gasp* criticism of the great and powerful Obama responded by blathering that

…they’re coming up with these ridiculous conspiracy theories on Obama….This is amazing to me, spending their time on discredited conspiracy theories against Obama, against Biden, instead of dealing with the greatest crisis we’ve had in America in decades and decades and decades. What universe are they in? What is in their heads?…why aren’t they talking about it instead of absurd, often Russian-generated conspiracy theories against their political enemies?

Unfortunately for the truth challenged Senator from New York (a state doing a stellar job of managing the “greatest crisis we’ve had in America”) events have quickly escalated to the point where the unscrupulous actions of the scandal free Obama administration are being dragged into the light.

It remains a point of contention as to whether or not sunlight and fresh air can defeat COVID-19, but it sure is a great disinfectant when dealing with the alligator tears and outright bullshit of Chuck Schumer, but you have to agree, if you were to write out a list of “essential” personnel, Chuck’s name wouldn’t be on it.

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