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  • Crying Chuck Schumer Admits That He Is Less Essential Than Your Average Grocery Clerk


    When President Trump labeled Chuck Schumer with the moniker “Crying Chuck” the President was devastatingly spot on. This was clearly demonstrated AGAIN recently when poor Chuck took to his favorite roost in front of a bevy of Microphones and played the victim. As we all know, victimhood is the glue that holds the Democratic Party […] More

  • WA Leftists Fought To Shut Down Gun Stores But Now Want To Let A Serial Killer Loose


    When it comes to letting prisoners out of jail to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks, most have come to the conclusion that letting low-risk prisoners out, while not ideal, is understandable given what we now know about the disease. While one is not necessarily thrilled that stoat-like convicted blackmailer and accused embezzler Michael Avenatti is doing his “time” at […] More