Ted Cruz Tears Obama/DOJ To Shreds Over Flynn Case Revelations!

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“No wonder Obama & MSM trying hard to cover it up.”

That’s what Sen. Ted Cruz said on Saturday in reference to the many revelations about the injustices committed by the gov’t against Michael Flynn.

In a three part thread, Cruz gets right to the brass tacks. He quotes the article in the quoted retweet, which says in part “The FBI agents who interviewed Flynn indicated…that Flynn did not directly deny talking to Kislyak about sanctions, as he was accused by Mueller. Instead they noted he couldn’t remember, wasn’t sure and even conceded it was possible.”

He also posts an excerpt which contains a DIRECT QUOTE from the interview memo. That means absent spin, absent anyone’s take, an exact quote. And that quote reads “FLYNN stated it was possible that he talked to KISLYAK on the issue, but if he did, he did not remember doing so.’

“That’s NOT remotely perjury,” said Cruz in the final tweet. “This was a partisan charade from outset, politically setting up Gen Flynn.”

He’s right, you know. If you can’t see what a travesty of justice this is then your goggles are too tinted by your camp.


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