Trump Hilariously Trolls Justin Amash Over His Run For President.. And Democrats Are FURIOUS Over It All

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Trump never misses an opportunity to expertly troll anyone dumb enough to step in his path. Today, he weighed in on Justin Amash’s announcement that he’s running for president with a little bit of sarcasm:

“No, I think Amash would make a wonderful candidate, especially since he is way behind in his district and has no chance of maintaining his Congressional seat. He almost always votes for the Do Nothing Dems anyway. I like him even more than Jill Stein!”

Trump is obviously comparing Amash to Jill Stein in hopes that Democrats will vote for him. Because that’s what Democrats and Never Trumpers are saying, that Amash’s run for president would actually help Trump rather than hurt him:

And some Democrats are hopping mad about it:

Ryan Girdusky suggests this could very well be the case:

Wouldn’t that be terrific? Remember the media loved him when he came out against Trump. Maybe that will translate into an easier Trump victory?

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