Nasty Romney Hops In Bed With Democrats, Slams Trump Over Wuhan Flu, Hints At Biden

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Mitt Romney went on with the Georgetown University Institute of Politics on Tuesday to bash Republican President Donald Trump.

Mitt is singularly focused these days not with helping the American public but with trashing President Donald Trump.

Why is this guy still allowed in the Republican Party?
Mitt was attacking President Trump last month too!

So will Mitt campaign with Democrats this year?
Or will he just hurl insults at Trump for the next several months?

The Daily Mail reported:

Mitt Romney has slammed Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic mocking him as ‘not the smartest guy in the room’ and saying his initial response was not a ‘great moment in American leadership’.

The Republican Senator laid into the president while speaking live on the Georgetown Politics Forum Tuesday evening.

As well as blasting Trump’s leadership style, Romney also criticized his move to stop funding to the World Health Organization and said a more centralized approach from the federal government would have been ‘more effective’ in tackling the pandemic.

Romney channeled former Treasury secretary Bob Gates to mock Trump’s intelligence.

Here’s the full video.
Mitt Romney just can’t help himself.
He has completely lost it.

Via GatewayPundit

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