YouTube BANS Video Which PROVED Trump Was Right After Complaint From NYT Reporter

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So listen. I really think el Presidente Trumpo was just tossing some ideas around when he said this, and I think some people have gone to ridiculous and extraordinary measures to make reality meet with his words. BUT… this is insane:

We’ve seen this a lot. Reporters and journalists are using their “inquiries” as a weapon to threaten companies with bad press. So it works like this – she “contacts” YouTube about this video, suggesting it is problematic, and wouldn’t it be a shame if someone wrote up a story that would embarrass and free-speech-shame YouTube.

YouTube certainly doesn’t care about protecting narratives that help Trump and his supporters, so they JUMP to take the video. Now, the video has NOTHING TO DO with Trump. It’s not as if they put up prior to his statement in order to help him out. WHY is that against their supposed community guidelines?

Well, it’s not really right?

But it helps Trump to have people toss around the video and say, “see, using light to kill viruses is real!” and helping Trump IS actually the thing that is against their community standards. And that’s how the mainstream media works…

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