Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Calls President Trump And His Millions of Supporters ‘Insane’

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Bryan Cranston decided on Saturday to break bad on Trump supporters, questioning their sanity in supporting Trump:

I’ve stopped worrying about the president’s sanity. He’s not sane. And the realization of his illness doesn’t fill me with anger, but with profound sadness. What I now worry about is the sanity of anyone who can still support this deeply troubled man to lead our country.

Nick Searcy, one of Cranston’s fellow actors, responded this way: “Stop worrying about @JoeBiden. He’s not sane, and he’s obviously ill, but there is no way in Hell he’ll ever be President.”

Exactly, is Joe Biden who Cranston believes we should support? He can barely talk in complete sentences these days. Talk about sanity…

Get ready for more pretentious takes from actors who are too wealthy to know what to do with their money, because it’s an election year so they will be coming out of the woodwork to try and defeat Trump.

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