Canada Is Going Tyrannical — Now Going Door to Door To ENFORCE Quarantine On Citizens With Threat Of PRISON

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Police in Canada will visit the homes of people under coronavirus quarantine to check they are in compliance, with those who flout the law facing a fine of up to $1 million dollars and three years in jail.

Under the law, Canadians who have returned from abroad or are at risk of having been infected with COVID-19 are mandated to remain at home for 14 days.

Police say they will visit the homes of those under quarantine and advise them of the “potential consequences of non-compliance,” adding that violators could face “significant penalties, including fines and imprisonment.”

“The maximum fine for failing to comply with the quarantine is $750,000 and up to six months in prison, but those who put others at risk through could face harsher penalties: up to a $1-million levy and three years imprisonment,” reports Global

The RCMP said that the checks would be facilitated through authorities first contacting persons by phone, text or e-mail and then having officers perform a “physical verification with the individual while maintaining physical distancing.”

Police say arrests of people flouting the law would be a last resort but that officers could issue them with a summons requiring them to appear in court.

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