AOC Makes Absurd, Incoherent Claim That People In NYC Are Too Scared To Go To Hospitals Because Trump Is Xenophobic

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Can someone break out their Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring and decipher AOC’s latest incoherent rambling?

The coronavirus outbreak in New York City is said to be hitting its peak this week, and some politicians in the state, such as Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have been putting politics aside in order to address the crisis head-on with help from the White House. Others politicians from New York aren’t willing to give partisan politics a rest — quite the opposite actually:


Even if you believe Trump is xenophobic, how does that stop people in New York form going to the hopsital?

Of course, everyone else was equally confused:

Finally, Ocasio-Cortez stepped in to explain:

Maybe AOC’s constituents should also be informed that local governments exist in their area, not that the Democrats seem to want to remind them about that:

Remember when AOC said people were racist for not patronizing Chinese restaurants because of the coronavirus?

It must be entertaining being one of those 2 brain cells tumbling around in her little skull.

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