Major Liberal Media Outlets REFUSE To Show Trump Pressers In Attempt To Control Panic Narrative

The media aren’t liking Trump’s pressers and it may not be for the reason most think. They have become a staple of the Wuhan virus epidemic, with the administration giving crucial airtime to experts like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.

Now, an NPR affiliate in Seattle is refusing to show the President’s daily question and answer sessions.

This is just nonsense. While there is always the risk of things being misstated or not fully conveyed, no one speaking at these pressers has been giving false information. KUOW provides no citation to exactly what they are talking about because of course they don’t.

CNN and NBC (one of the worst offenders of garbage reporting throughout this ordeal) followed the same path today.

But let’s be honest. There’s a reason why they are suddenly wanting to do this and it’s not because the media got religion about Trump’s supposed “false information.”

No, it’s because his approval ratings are rising.


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