What We Know: These Are The 112 Americans Who Have Died From Coronavirus

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The reports are today that 112 people have died in the US with coronavirus since infections began to spread earlier this year. Here’s what we know about most of them:

  • 14 were in their 90s.
  • 18 were in their 80s.
  • 19 were in their 70s.
  • 15 were in their 60s.
  • 9 were in their 50s.

That’s 75 deaths whose ages were reported. Another 24 didn’t have ages reported. A couple of them were described as ‘older’ or ‘elderly’. For the rest there were no listings at all, just a number from their state.

54 of the reported deaths took place in Washington State, the second worst state where the coronavirus outbreak has occurred. Of those, 23 of them were Life Care Center nursing home residents. 9 of the 54 did not have ages listed.

15 of the reported deaths took place in New York State where the outbreak is worst.

14 were in California.

6 were in Florida. The rest were low single digits and make up about 14 states.

If you want to read what detail there is on how they may have died or other circumstances, you can do so here.

For all these who have died from the coronavirus, both here and abroad, we pray for the repose of their souls. Amen.

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