LEAKED: Hours Before Dropping Out, Buttigieg Called Biden To Discuss ‘Our Plans’ Moving Forward…But He CALLED THE WRONG NUMBER!

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A surprised Raheem Barnett said he received a voicemail and text on his cell phone Sunday from Mayor Pete Buttigieg who apparently thought he was contacting former vice president Joe Biden’s phone.

Barnett, reached Sunday night, told True Pundit that Buttigieg left a message for Biden on his voicemail asking the vice president to call him back to discuss Buttigieg’s “plans” for his campaign — about five hours before Mayor Pete announced he was dropping out of the presidential race late Sunday. Buttigieg had apparently called the wrong number. Barnett released the voicemail on his Instagram account but later locked his account down to a private setting. Barnett said Mayor Pete followed up by texting him as well, again, thinking he was contacting Biden. Why was Buttigieg trying to reach Biden hours before he ended his Democratic bid for the presidency? (The full voicemail is below).

Barnett confirmed he did post the call on his Instagram after listening to the call from Buttigieg. Barnett would not comment on where he is employed. (The call is below)

Via TruePundit

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