This Will Be Interesting…AG Barr Announces He’s Taking Over Mike Flynn’s Case And It Will Be Re-examined!

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The other day we reported that Barr had taken over both Flynn and Stone’s cases. Now it’s being reported that Barr has ordered a re-examination of Flynn’s case:

CNN – Attorney General William Barr is ordering a re-examination of several high-profile cases, including that of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, US officials briefed on the matter say, in a move that could bring fresh scrutiny of the political motives behind actions at the Justice Department.

US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen of St. Louis has been tasked with taking a second look at some aspects of the sensitive cases, one of the officials said. It was not clear which other cases were under review, and what form the reviews had taken.

The revelation, first reported by The New York Times, comes days after Barr’s Justice Department undercut career prosecutors in the case of Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone to recommend a reduced sentence. The move, which led four federal prosecutors to quit the case, invited fresh questions about the impartiality of Barr’s Justice Department from political matters.

Undercut? He didn’t undercut these attorneys. He’s their boss and he corrected them for abusing their authority. The fact that they quit the case is on them.

As far as Flynn’s case goes, I think it definitely needs to be re-examined and I’m glad Barr is making the call here. From the reports we’ve seen, it appears what Mueller’s prosecutors have done to Flynn seems way out of bounds and hopefully there will be justice for Flynn in the end.

I know there are many who are upset about the McCabe thing, but this report just reinforces my thoughts that Barr is doing what’s right in his best judgement. I haven’t lost faith in him and I don’t think you should either. Remember, both Flynn and Stone were prosecuted by Mueller’s team of independent investigators. If Barr had been handling them from the start it would have been very different. Barr must do what he thinks is right, regardless of what’s been done by others. Don’t lose hope yet.


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