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HUGE: Hope Hicks Is RETURNING To The White House!

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On Thursday, White House officials confirmed that a former White House Communications Director is making a return.

It’s like a beloved character rejoining the cast of your favorite sitcom.

From ABC News:

Hope Hicks, formerly President Donald Trump’s most trusted and longest serving aide, is expected to return to the administration in the coming weeks.

But this time, it’s different:

Hicks, who departed in early 2018, will return in the coming weeks as a senior adviser reporting to Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law. Her official title will be counselor to the President.


You may remember that she left amid a jolt in the seemingly-neverending Mueller saga.

News of her resignation came the day after Hicks testified before the House Intelligence Committee that she had occasionally told white lies on Trump’s behalf, according to a source familiar with the interview. Then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders denied that her departure was related to her testimony.

It was a big to-do:

Hicks met with Mueller’s teams for multiple interviews as part of the probe into Russian interference and obstruction of justice by the President.

Since her departure, Hicks appeared before the House Judiciary committee. During the closed-door hearing, Hicks answered questions related to her time working on Trump’s 2016 campaign, but declined to comment on her work in the White House.

Transcripts of the hearing later released by the committee show the White House counsel argued Hicks was absolutely immune from answering questions about her time working for Trump during his Presidency.

Since Hope left (that sounds abysmal), she’s served as head of communications for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation.

HH is back in the saddle for the good of the nation, but it ain’t all politics. Among some who appear jazzed about the news, she’s known for something other than cool governmental leadership — heat:

Welcome back, Ms. Hicks. With your new and different title, Donald Trump brings what Barack Obama promised: Hope and change.

Via RedState

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