Hopeless And Defeated, Hillary Tells Democrats She’ll Settle For Vice President

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed an openness to running as Vice President with the eventual Democratic Party nominee during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres released on Thursday.

The talk show host spoke to 72-year-old Clinton about the impeachment effort and her future ambitions.

Clinton was asked if she would accept if the eventual Democrat nominee asked her to be their running mate. At first, she laughed it off, saying “well, that’s not going to happen, but no, probably no.”

It didn’t take much prodding for her to change her tune and say that “I never say never because I do believe in serving my country, but it’s not going to happen.”

Clinton said that she is “under enormous pressure” from tons of unnamed people to consider it.

“I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it,” Clinton said. “But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Via GatewayPundit

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