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  • WATCH: Kamala Harris Jokes About Murdering President Trump


    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the presumptive Democrat VP nominee, made waves following an appearance on Ellen where she laughed hysterically with host Ellen DeGeneres after joking about murdering President Trump. At the time of the appearance, April 2018, Harris remained tight-lipped about her presidential aspirations but answered a series of questions about her first celebrity crush, nicknames, […] More

  • Hopeless And Defeated, Hillary Tells Democrats She’ll Settle For Vice President


    Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed an openness to running as Vice President with the eventual Democratic Party nominee during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres released on Thursday. The talk show host spoke to 72-year-old Clinton about the impeachment effort and her future ambitions. Clinton was asked if she would accept if the eventual Democrat […] More

  • Kevin Hart Tells The Oscars Where They Can Shove Their Hosting Spot! ‘I’m Done!’


    After a show of support from fellow comedienne Ellen Degeneres, rumors began to circulate if Kevin Hart would set aside his differences with the Academy and host the Oscars anyway. Speaking with Variety on Friday, Hart put those rumors to rest when he unequivocally stated “it’s done.” “Would I ever do it? No, it’s done. It’s done,” […] More