Fox Upsets Viewers After Refusing To Air This Powerful Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

According to Lyric Gillett, the founder of Faces of Choice, Fox won’t be airing her powerful pro-life ad during the Super Bowl, something she’s been trying to negotiate since July of last year.


FOX told the Washington Times that “the network sold out its ad space early on” for the Superbowl.

But if that’s the case, the how is Bloomberg getting time for his own campaign ads when he didn’t even start running until just before Thanksgiving. If she’s been negotiating since July, surely FOX could have sold her placement.

Gillet says that FOX just strung her along, saying “over the past six months, we have struggled to have FOX clear a 30 second spot for Super Bowl Sunday.” She said a few days ago she still hadn’t received an answer and even started a petition when she became aware that there were 5 more spots opening up, but apparently it didn’t help.

Personally I love the ad and how it frames the abortion ‘choice’: “Choice is not merely a word. Choice has a face, and choice is a person.” It’s truly powerful and would be a great Super Bowl ad if only FOX weren’t so cowardly and afraid of the Left.


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