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Academia Forces White Students To Acknowledge They Are Inherently Racist And Must Behave By New Guidelines!

Colleges and universities across the country continue to cater to the most “woke” among them. The latest example comes from a Minnesota college that held various events to allegedly commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by preaching the exact opposite of what the man stood for.

Instead of judging people by the content of their character rather than their skin color, Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota held an event “for White people only” that sought to force them to “recognize and acknowledge that there is a nasty little racist inside them, and to do so without becoming angry or defensive and describe the skills of psychological flexibility that they must develop in order to make authentic choices in defiance of their racist tendencies.”

Campus Reform reported on the event, based on a description taken from the school’s website.

“This session is for White people only,” the event description said. “While we won’t stop people of color from attending, they should know that their presence in the room is likely to interfere with the effectiveness of the session.” – READ MORE

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