CNN Bails Out On Iowa As Impeachment Proceedings Cripple Democrat Campaigns

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The only bombshells appear to be going off in the faces of the Democrats.

In just another deep cut added to the self-inflicted wounds by the Democratic party, a crucial media event for the presidential campaign hopefuls has been scrapped as a result of that party’s obsessive focus on President Trump. CNN has made the announcement that it will no longer be hosting the scheduled town halls that were scheduled for the days just ahead of the Iowa Caucus.

Despite solemn-eyed, sorrow-toned pleas that they are undergoing this process with a heavy heart, The Democrat leadership has been enthusiastically pursuing the impeachment of President Trump. Nobody following even a smattering of the months-long process would debate that the Democrats have been angling to saddle Trump with the slanderous title of an impeached President, agreeing that much of this effort is done with an eye on the upcoming election.

Only now their zeal has led to a serious blow to the Democrat presidential campaigns. As I wrote back in November, the rush headlong into this Ukrainian ‘’scandal’’ was running into a timing problem. The insistence of Adam Schiff to draw up the ever fluid charges regarding this issue was going to have an effect on the Democrats who were on the campaign trail. Then Nancy Pelosi compounded the problem by sitting on the articles of impeachment for almost a full month.

Now that it has moved to the Senate it requires that the remaining Senators running for higher office — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar — all be in attendance in D.C., pulling them out of Iowa just weeks ahead of that state’s crucial caucus. Iowa has always been a key to establishing the strength of a candidate on the trail, and now the impeachment trial has upended that entire effort.

Not only are the Senators prevented from the crucial campaigning in the weeks before the February 3 Caucus, but now the entire field will be denied some valuable primetime exposure to get their positions seen. Going even further, the media appetite for the impeachment will suck out even more oxygen from the campaign trail.

Where the nightly broadcasts would be centered almost entirely on the campaign events they now will be distracted with the drama of the impeachment trial, one the general public is growing increasingly intolerant towards. Some have speculated that the trial could actually aid the campaigning senators, by allowing them time to posture for the cameras in a dose of free campaign advertising. Except as we have seen, it is not only the polls that have shown the general public resisting this effort. The ratings for these hearings have been diminishing as well.

The senators forced to attend will have a diminished audience, the news nets will be concerned with selling the public on the potential dismissal of the president rather than the campaign, and all surrounding a process the public is viewing as mostly negative. As election year gambits go it is becoming harder to find what benefit the Democrats hoped to gain from this farce.

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