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  • Trump Sticks To His Guns, Shows The Left They Can’t Take This From Americans


    The Second Amendment is currently under all-out assault… but President Donald Trump isn’t caving in. After the tragic school shooting by a mentally deranged young man in Florida, liberals and the media have pointed the finger at a group that had no connection to the crime: The National Rifle Association. First, a CNN-organized “town hall” event became […] More

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  • CNN Scripted A Hostile Town Hall But Rubio Stood His Ground, Liberals Hated One Comment Most


    Marco Rubio was one of a handful of pro-Second Amendment advocates at a heavily stacked CNN town hall promoting gun control. The Republican senator faced a highly emotional and hostile crowd to make his case in the wake of the horrific school massacre in Parkland, Florida. A father who lost his daughter in the shooting […] More

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